Montana Azuelos is a New York based illustrator and painter.


After studying Fashion Design at Parsons, she is pursuing her painting studies at Pratt.


As a follower of early 20th Century modern art, she is particularly inspired by vivid colors and

abstraction found in the work of Matisse, Vlaminck, Kandinsky and Picasso.


With regards to illustration she finds Austrian artists such as Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele the most

powerful for their combined use of line and paint.


In her work she prefers to use mixed media to create depth. She works predominantly with the female

form, which she feels is as powerful dressed as undressed.


Her fashion illustrations are born from her passion for clothes and the way cloth drapes over the figure,

highlighting femininity.


Her paintings are born from her passion for humans and the way colors express what the outer lines

show off.


In this work she prefers to achieve perfect flat colors and use thick lines to create depth.