Montana Azuelos is a French artist living in New York.

As a follower of early 20th Century modern art, Montana Azuelos is particularly inspired by vivid colors and abstraction.

In her work she prefers to use oil on canvas to stick to traditions as a wink to conceptual art.

The unique control of her arm to place one pigmented oil next to the other while realizing almost perfect flat colors with no brush stroke, as if it was printed from a graphic design in an off set printer, sets her apart in painting techniques today.

She works predominantly with the female form, which she feels is as powerful dressed as undressed.

She only works with live models who she feels have a wonderful vulnerability .

She has recently started painting abstracted landscapes, using depth of land and its organic shapes and contrasting them with strong geometric lines.
Her paintings are born from her passion for human, the world that surrounds all of us and the way colors express what the outer lines show off.